切り絵作家:安栖 千晶(あす ちあき)

      Chiaki  Asu





















I will explain the reasons for choosing seemingly weird motifs such as turkeys and mandrills that are far from loveliness and beauty compared to peacocks and dogs and cats. It is a book of classical literature, produced by the author Attar, a Japanese translator, Tuneo Kuroyanagi, the following sentences extracted from the sentences written in the "Bird's Word".

(When deciding the king of birds)

"Everyone (bird) who is sought by Solomon (prophet) is suitable if there is a crown above it"

I am deeply impressed by this word.

I would like to propose the word in a word that I arranged in my own way.

I would like to advocate that "anyone who can put a crown on his head can be everyone's king."

Even a poor crown where it would be ridiculed, anyone can be the king of everyone.

If you have mercy and compassion for all, everyone can be the king of everyone.

I want to rescue those who are laughed at in appearance by drawing attractively. I want them to make their appearances that are hated by people in ugly form into attractive works of art that everyone feels beautiful and to know that everyone is equally beautiful.

The meaning of my art work to cut out paper is to be a conversation that expresses love with the creatures of the motif by doing cutting with ad lib without drafting. I don't want what is directed to "lovely creatures" is the sharp edge of the line with a sharp blade or the beauty of the cut edge.

I want you to feel the life of living things on paper.

Three-dimensional installation elements by painting, craftsmanship and lighting

A backlight LED light source is set on the back of the frame, and you can enjoy various lighting patterns by remote control operation.

Of course, you can enjoy it as a single picture without turning on the light.

My paintings are expressed in search of "something that does not change constantly while changing the way it looks with various lighting and conditions".

All backlight equipment is installed and designed by oneself.

It is designed in consideration of heat resistance and heat removal.

The picture rail can be hung on the wall by nailing.

The pattern of the cut is not completely determined in advance. Make a cut at that moment with the ad lib of the spot.

I want you to feel the surprise and beauty that the color, light and texture play.